Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SFDUG August 2016 Meeting Recording: Space Plan Generator

Subhajit Das, Georgia Tech PhD, Autodesk Intern discussed the Space Plan Generator, a project developed jointly with Georgia Tech and Perkins+Will. 

Resources from the presentation can be found here: Space Plan Generator

Check out the full recording below


  1. Space Plan Generator doesn't seem to have a link for the datasets.

  2. "Resources from the presentation can be found here: Space Plan Generator" - no link!

    1. Hi Dmitry, Thanks for the heads up, we had a little hick-up but it will be remedied quickly. Thank you for your interest!

  3. Has anyone else tried it and gotten everything to work? There is one node "Text.FromStringOriginAndScale" that does not seem to be working for me and appears as unresolved, cannot seem to locate it in the space planning tool package.
    Otherwise this is pretty awesome thank you for uploading!

  4. Thanks for dataset. Great WIP.
    Is anywhere a "Primer" or source explanations for in-depth investigations to use & understand properly the nodes of SPG Package?

  5. The .sat file required for making site boundary doesnt generate polylines. I tried using the sample files too separately, but no luck. I don't know where I am going wrong here.

  6. First off, hats off to you team for creating and sharing this.
    Two things: with the latest build on the Space Planning package, it seems the circulation nodes went bad.
    Second, the old excel file doesn't work (or appear to) with the latest package.

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